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Big Data Jobs

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Jive is on a singular mission to transform the way we work.

We’re the first company to bring the social innovation of the consumer web to the enterprise. And in doing so, we’re making work great. We’re breaking down the barriers separating employees, customers, and partners making it possible for the first time to engage socially and genuinely around what matters most to them.

That’s a Big Data problem. We regularly process multi-terabyte datasets that encompass the public web, enterprise systems of record, social graph and interaction data, and more. Data is securely spread across multiple compute clusters, across multiple data centers.

We work extensively with open source software on big data, social graph, and machine learning problems and creating an active, adaptive platform tuned to solve key business challenges.

We contribute to various big data open source technologies: Apache Hadoop, HBase, Pig, ZooKeeper, Flume, Mahout, Neo4j and other open source projects.

We’re also inventing new technologies that harness the power of Big Data and the enterprise social graph.

And we’re hiring.

Current Big Data Job Openings

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