Let’s get real. Social Business isn’t just about connecting employees and customers to “collaborate better” wherever they are, from whatever device. It’s about delivering real value to businesses, to the tune of $1.3 trillion annually, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.

In this webcast, you’ll see how Thomson Reuters, the leading provider of intelligent information to businesses and professionals, rolled out a social intranet to its 60,000 employees for driving innovation, aligning everyone to the company strategy, and generating a more collaborative working environment across the 100 countries they operate in.

You will also find out how to:

  • Change the way your business communicates to capture innovation and build alignment.
  • Enable your employees to find information faster.
  • Build a business case around a social intranet initiative.
  • Measure the success of a social intranet initiative.

Get a complimentary resources.

  • Best Practice Paper: Take the Productivity Leap
  • Whitepaper: How Social Business Pays Off

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