Plan for Success with the Social Business Blueprint

This abridged version of the Jive Social Business Blueprint gets you started, by walking you through the initial planning required to ensure executive buy-in for a successful project.

With This Guide, You’ll:

  • Explore the opportunity for social by understanding the business case, and the most likely uses, and opportunities for social technologies
  • Quantify the value of the solution
  • Build out a business proposal

You’ll Learn:

  • What Social Business Software do for your business, and your employees, customers, and partners
  • How to get employees and customers to use it for real business
  • A clear understanding of your business and technical environment needs
  • What user scenarios are the most appropriate for your business needs
  • What the projected value is for your new social business solution

The full Social Business Blueprint is a 4–phase, interactive, best practices workbook. You’ll find details on the next page, how to get your hands on the unabridged version of Plan for Success (phase 1), plus the 3 remaining phases (“Build the Solution”; “Launch the Environment”; and “Manage Your Social Business”).

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