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Libby Taylor
Senior External Community Manager

Jive Software

Libby Taylor is a Planner/Connector WorkType and is the Jive Community senior community manager. She considers herself an introverted social butterfly, proud blogger, idea connector, program ninja, sporadic artist, off-hour designer, happiness generator and general maker of stuff. A master juggler with a talent for managing corporate level marketing and community programs, Libby approaches everything with an eye towards pushing creative bounds and touching people’s hearts.

Libby has 25 years experience in marketing including community building and social communications; graphic design; innovation and recognition program design, content and document management; printing and print technologies; IT systems and databases; web design and management; as well as project, program and people management. Recently, she has been focused on spreading the word about the workstyle movement, creating blogs aimed towards increasing customer success, and connecting with customers and partners in the Jive Community.

Libby is most known for her enthusiasm and passion for her work, friends and family. She is a native Californian, currently lives in San Jose with her partner, two children, and three dogs.

Posts by Libby Taylor

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