2015: The Year in Social Collaboration and a Look Ahead – Culture Edition

Over the past week, we learned about the coming “nightmare” facing IT departments and the perils of not delighting customers. On the upside, fortunes will continue to improve for employees in 2016. And, although next year looks to be a tough one for marketing departments, enterprise mobility is finally ready for the spotlight. Today, we tie it all together with a chat about company culture with Jive’s Strategist of Communications and Collaboration Solutions, Kathryn Everest.

There’s no secret to creating a great company culture, says Fortune Magazine editor Geoff Colvin, “It’s personal—not perkonal,” he says. “It’s relationship-based, not transaction-based.” Culture is about building and fostering high-quality relationships throughout an organization. The companies that succeed will have job applicants “crawling over broken glass to work there,” says Colvin. “In 2015, business realized there is no shortcut to creating culture,” says Kathryn.

She says that, thanks to the raging talent wars, businesses can no longer pretend to care or fake the experience for employees. “People demanded the real deal because they can seek it out in the buyer and seller marketplace,” she says. “Employees had more choices of where to work than ever before—and chose to work where they felt valued, trusted, cared about and contributed to a larger mission.”

Whether relationship-building is in the form of placing corporate cafeteria tables a little too close together or if it’s providing employees with the tools to work from anywhere, you can expect more companies to turn their attention to culture in 2016, says Kathryn. “Leaders are going to spend time thinking about culture throughout the entire organizational ecosystem,” she says.

What are your plans to win employees over in 2016? Let us know in our community discussion thread.

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