2015: The Year in Social Collaboration and a Look Ahead – Support Edition

The workplace is changing—rapidly. One of the major forces behind those changes is software that allows companies to offer their customers answers in real-time. Customer communities have matured to the point in which the technology is adapting to people’s needs rather than forcing them to conform to its limitations. It’s no surprise, then, that an organization’s support team often finds itself on the front lines of the transformations.

“In 2015, we saw customer support organizations become more ‘mainstream’ and move faster than ever before,” says Jive’s Vice President of Customer Support, Kevin Williams. Customer demands increase in conjunction with their expectations—and, so far, response times have been keeping pace. “Support teams started to become nimbler, reacting in real-time versus even a few hours,” Kevin says. “The priority focus also shifted more to the customer experience throughout the entire journey for more consistency.”


The comedian Louis CK does a routine in which he pokes fun at a person who has a meltdown because technology he didn’t even know existed 10 seconds earlier suddenly stops working. Unfortunately, CK’s observation isn’t too far from the reality that many support departments face every day. In 2016, Kevin predicts that contracts will be broken…often. “Enterprise subscription lengths will be cut down and the customer’s attention and patience will continue to decline,” he says. That’s going to put added pressure on organizations moving forward. “Companies will fail if they don’t delight the customer,” he says.

Do you agree or disagree with Kevin? Sound off in our JC blog discussion.

Stay tuned next week when Jive’s Director of Product Marketing, Gili Guri-Mill, and VP of Products, Dilshad Simons, share their thoughts on mobile and offer insights on the app vs. browser economy.

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