2015: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead

Nostradamus may be the most respected name in prophecy, but when it comes to accuracy, Back to the Future Part II has the old seer beat hands down. While Nostradamus foresaw 200-year-old human beings, the abolition of taxes and zombies (we wish) in 2015, many of the 1989 film’s predictions about the current year were eerily on point. Granted, Doc Brown and gang were working within a shorter time frame—a mere two and a half decades versus five centuries—but, Great Scott, everything from electronic pay to personal drones and even hoverboards greeted Marty McFly when he touched down in a fictional 2015!

Because time-traveling is just too dangerous

Not to be outdone, we’ll be looking forward with a series of blog posts in which we throw down our own predictions for 2016. Okay, so we’re only looking forward a single year and sticking to the enterprise social collaboration space, we still hope to give the movie a run for its predictive money. And, if we’re right—when we’re right—you’ll have the critical answers to your probing questions about all things collaborative long before anyone else. It’s not all prophesy though—we’re also going to offer up some important data and discuss the trends that have shaped the past year in employee and customer communication.

You could conceivably encounter your future self!

There’s something very familiar about all of this

In the meantime, polish up your crystal balls and stay tuned for our full line-up of 2016 predictions.


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