4 Ways to Optimize the Employee Experience

Lately we’ve been revisiting some of the most successful best practices from our Jive customer base, especially when it comes to digital literacy, diversity and inclusion. Most organizations contain such a broad spectrum of demographics, languages, races, cultures, collaboration styles and digital proficiency that it can feel overwhelming if you’re a communications, human resources or IT professional trying to accommodate all of the diverse needs and preferences across your employee population. This is more true than ever in the realm of the digital workplace, where most organizations suffer from digital crowding as a result of too many tools and too much content for anyone to keep up with.

However, there are ways to get a handle on all the chaos and make your digital workplace a welcoming place for all kinds of employees. To start, here are four steps that can help:

  1. Understand your organization’s landscape. This is about not just knowing which tools you have at your disposal, but also developing a deep knowledge of employee demographics from your HR system. Make sure you understand the shared (and differing) mindsets of all your employee groups, as well as their digital app and device preferences and aptitudes. In addition, document your most effective communications channels at every level of the organization. Once you map this out across all three dimensions, you’ll gain interesting insights into what employees’ digital experience looks like today, and where you might have gaps to fill down the road.
  2. Trim the fat from your digital workplace. Pretty much every workplace has at least some redundant or inefficient processes and tools. When you take a step back and look across your digital environment, you’ll undoubtedly find places where you can consolidate and streamline to make the digital workplace less confusing for employees. Of course, we recommend using a collaboration hub like Jive to connect all of your business’ most critical systems. Be sure to also take a hard look at your content management approach and think about how you can get everything pointing to a single source of truth that’s easy for your employees to find.
  3. Drive engagement with effective enablement. Next comes the fun part. Since you have a solid foundation in place, you can build on it with intentional strategies for boosting strategic alignment around company goals and objectives. These programs should include thoughtful communications from the leadership team, as well as helpful training materials that cover everything your employees need to know about the company they work for.
  4. Increase digital workplace success by measuring your impact. Finally, don’t forget to monitor and measure everything you’re doing. As we covered in a previous blog post, it can be very helpful to regularly review metrics that track how your employees use their digital workplace, what their sentiment is around key corporate messages, and whether this differs across certain employee segments.

Interested in more ideas for fine-tuning your digital workplace? Check out this recent CMSWire article by Kosheno Moore, our head of employee communications and communities at Jive and Aurea, for more thoughts on this topic.

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