5 Reasons Why Emailing Your Newsletter is a Surefire Way to Fail

(1) Too Many Emails.

shutterstock_236219071_600x460An employee receives an average of 120 emails a day. If your reaction was the same as mine, you thought, that’s it?! Unfortunately I expected it to be even higher. Most working professionals today spend so much time sifting through emails, they don’t actually get much work done. And to get work done they send more emails, creating a never ending, vicious cycle.

(2) “I’ll save it, to read later.” Aka: The Black Hole

shutterstock_261933347_600x460Employees justify their own team’s priorities and deliverables above the rest. They barely get through all the emails and meetings about current deliverables and priorities. And reading a company newsletter ends up on that to-do list that never really gets done, and ultimately it’s forgotten altogether.

(3) Double-Edged Sword: Access to Email on Your Mobile Device

shutterstock_217141462_600x460Email has become so accessible and easy to use, coworkers forget that it’s not the venue for an instant message-type conversation. Short, one-word responses back and forth add up quickly, sending unread emails into the triple digits in a matter of hours.

(4) Meetings on Meetings on Meetings

shutterstock_144905023_800x400Meeting invitations are sent via email as well. This adds to inbox clutter, forcing employees to dig through meeting invitations on top of regular email.

(5) Where Did the Pictures Go?

shutterstock_242898631_600x46070% of email is words. The user experience of email is very black and white—literally—and not visually pleasing. Most employees go to their inbox to see what tasks need to be done, then go somewhere else to do the work. No one browses email for fun.

With all those emails, how do you cut through the noise and get your employees to read important updates from management?

Employees shouldn’t have to dig through email to find an update on what’s happening in the company. Management should acknowledge their employees’ daily routine, and find a way to integrate with it.

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