5 Stellar Reasons to Go to JiveWorld17

JiveWorld16 key sponsors join Elisa on Mainstage

JiveWorld17 may seem like a ways off—May 1- 3, 2017— but we’re already booking speakers, fine-tuning tracks, filling the agenda and stirring the collaboration pot to make sure this year’s event is better than ever. (Side note: Early Bird registration is open until January 31st, so if you want to save some green, be sure to sign up early!)

There are so many reasons to attend: Stellar workshops. Inspiring keynotes. Customer stories galore. Learning from—and collaborating with—industry experts. The Developers Conference (and the JiveWorld17 Derby!). But that’s just according to us.

What do attendees have to say about JiveWorld? What makes it a can’t-miss experience for Jive customers, old and new? Here are five reasons to attend JiveWorld, straight from JiveWorld Alumni:

1. Unique use cases.

I like to hear the use cases that other companies are using for their communities. It helps give ideas to the users in our community when we are on-boarding them. I also enjoy hearing the different ways others use to solve similar issues/problems. Things are not black and white in communities, and not one shoe (solution) fits all. It is a great way to get excited about your community and take that enthusiasm back to your company.

Stephanie S.

2. Stage-time for customers.

As a long-time IT person who has attended many other software vendor user conferences, what I was most impressed with when I attended my first JiveWorld (and continue to be impressed) is how much stage time is given to customers vs. Jive employees (well over half the presentations, I think). Most vendors understandably want to showcase their product features but Jive wants to showcase how customers use their product, which gives the conference a whole different positive vibe that I have not experienced at other conferences.

Dennis P.

3. Energizing experiences.

What I remember most about my first JiveWorld is how energizing an experience it was. I found myself almost giddy with excitement, and invigorated by the connections I had made and the user stories people shared. I felt empowered and prepared to return to my office and conquer every challenge that lay before me. Sometimes when things get tough, I'll take a minute to recall some JW past experience, just to get myself over the hump. Jive should figure out how to put that feeling into a snack...package it as The JiveBar (organic, non-GMO, no high fructose corn syrup of course!).

Becky D.

4. Tips and encouragement.

Just wanted to say I really loved your presentation at JiveWorld. As an Executive Assistant, this subject hits close to home and is an ongoing struggle. Good news is that our President officially BLOGGED today, which is a major success for our internal community! Thanks so much for the tips and encouragement!

Chelsea W. (In reaction to a presentation called, "Getting Executives Engaged")

5. Connections. Connections. Connections.

Of course, JiveWorld isn’t just about the speakers you see, but the connections you make – connections that extend beyond the conference week and into your own work. Check out this post-JiveWorld conversation that happened in the JiveWorks Community. These are replies (lightly edited for clarity) to the JiveWorks post, Advanced engagement for internal communities:

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