A Year of Milestones: Jive’s Interactive Intranet Solution Goes for the Gold

It’s been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the two and a half millennia since Lao Tzu first penned those words, we’ve learned that it takes a lot more to reach your destination than simply committing to that first stride. In business, you must keep pushing forward to realize your goals; but without guideposts to show the path, the chances of success will remain forever out of reach.

An organization’s performance ultimately relies on how well it responds and reacts to each of its steps along the way. Milestones keep you motivated and help you achieve value for your customers, employees and partners. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few of the milestones Jive has reached since the release of the groundbreaking revision to our collaborative cloud-based Interactive Intranet solution this past year.

An organization’s performance ultimately relies on how well it responds and reacts to each of its steps along their journey
  1. The Interactive Intranet: A Giant Leap in Workplace Collaboration – In 2015, we introduced a breakthrough in workplace collaboration. Jive’s Interactive Intranet combines the organic interactivity of enterprise social networks (ESNs) with the structure of a traditional intranet. It’s not only the place to organize and disseminate content, but also where people go to connect, communicate and collaborate using the tools and apps they’re familiar with, including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Salesforce and Google Docs. Not only that, it’s mobile, so employees can work together regardless of location, department or function.
  2. Big Data: Bridging Content Gaps with a Single Search – Because our Interactive Intranet solution is based on the social graph, all of the internal employee data our customers collect is useful and relevant to the people who need it most. But what about all of the data your employees would like to access that exists in external locations? With our new Open Search capabilities your employees can find exactly what they need no matter where the content lives, including in OneDrive storage locations or your Jive customer communities. The best part? All of the results show up in the organic search preview, regardless of where they originated.
  3. User Analytics: Lighting the Way to a More Engaged Workforce – We know that engaged employees participate and contribute more to a company’s internal community and that that activity creates even more engaged employees. That’s important; according to Gallup, the companies with the most engaged employees are more profitable, more productive and have less turnover than their low-engagement peers. Our enhanced analytics not only help employees work better together, they allow you to identify your high-engagement superstars. For users, Intelligent Activity Streams highlight new content since the last visit, which content has the most activity per stream and automatically create email digests that can be customized for both Inbox and specific streams. For administrators, three new engagement reports measure consumption, participation and contribution rates like never before.
  4. Machine Learning: Driving into the Future – One of our biggest milestones this year was less a step than a jump. Because people are at the center of your organization, Jive’s new intelligent Recommender Engine delivers relevant experiences and content to employees based on machine-learning insights. It dives into all of your organization’s important corporate memory and drives entirely new innovations in people profiles by constantly strengthening networks based on connections, projects, ideas and processes. With Jive’s Recommender Engine, content is personalized, providing important and useful information to users, such as materials peers are working on or new content that directly impacts their role. It’s pervasive, contextual and, above all, smart.

Jive Pulls Ahead of the Pack and Goes for the Gold

Jive was awarded the Gold Stevie Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Software/Big Data Solution category

We know that our modern WorkHub solutions are invaluable to our customers because they tell us so. While it’s great to receive glowing feedback from customers such as Virgin Media, Deutsche Telekom, Pearson, GoDaddy, SunEdison and Sysomos, it’s also nice to garner recognition from outside of the social collaboration ecosystem. So, while we were busy innovating, perfecting and implementing all of the new features above, we were also being considered for a coveted Stevie Award, one of the world’s most prestigious business awards.

And guess what? We won! On August 24th, Jive was awarded the Gold Stevie Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Software/Big Data Solution category. It’s the second year in a row we’ve been recognized for a Stevie. We are honored and humbled by this latest recognition. While a win is certainly a big achievement, we also know it’s not a destination. It is, however, more evidence we’re on the right track. At Jive, we’re passionate about helping people work better together every day. With this award, we’re more motivated and committed than ever to taking the next first step to provide our customers, employees and partners with the best Interactive Intranet solution on the planet. Because, after all, we’re on this journey together.

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