Advancing API Integration With Jive Developer Days Event in the Bay Area

An Integrated World

With the emergence of an API-based economy and the need for disparate systems to seamlessly connect with one another, we see continued growth in the deepening integration of APIs throughout the platforms used by an organization. APIs allow different systems to be programmatically accessed and in effect, how businesses communicate by linking different services, applications and systems together, which allows for increased customer engagement and satisfaction. Jive knows the importance of this growing trend and has provided restful API’s to systematically manipulate a Jive instance and a framework for add-ons to increase the potency of information for the people, places, and content in Jive, making it a key focus for this year’s Developer Days.

To help get the word out on recent API and Add-on Framework changes for Jive’s Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions, including adding contextually relevant information, controlling remote systems from within the Jive environment and enhancing the user experience, the Jive Developer team held the Bay Area Developer Days event last week. With a special focus on how Jive users can utilize the Jive Add-on Framework, the team was able to collaborate with different attendees during a workshop experience, furthering their knowledge on how to add even more value to Jive instances in a programming languages of their taste.

Jive enhances the user experience for the hands and eyes of a Jive user

Attendees listening and participating in our Jive Developer Days Bay Area lecture workshop

The event was held on July 13, 2016, at Plex Systems’ Northern California offices in Pleasanton, CA. After a brief lecture regarding the basics of the Add-on Framework, attendees formed teams to leverage the information they learned and create powerful new integrations. They were then able to test out these new materials themselves with the help and guidance of Jivers.

While some attendees decided to try simple stream integration for the first time, others tried custom view tiles, helping with their migration from widgets to tiles as well as enhancing their user interface for their Jive community. Developers who created custom view tiles made requests to other systems and were able to gain context regarding the Jive user viewing the tile was and what Jive place that tile was being viewed from. This ultimately allowed attendees to enhance their tiles by being able to dive into the specifics that generate them, allowing for contextually relevant distinct details catered to the viewer.

With the custom view tile attendees hard at work strengthening user experiences for their Jive community, the simple stream integration attendees were busy posting a simulated WordPress blog, generating activity into Jive. This blog post allows users to view, and if they have the correct permission in the Word Press site, edit the post from within Jive seamlessly and securely using Jive Connects.

Through this Jive Developer Days Bay Area event, attendees were able to obtain add-on packages that can be employed and managed in any Jive installation, enhancing capabilities with contextually relevant content from external sources, all the while maintaining the look and feel of their Jive community. With this package, these Jive users are now fully equipped to bring their knowledge and experiences back to their organizations to start expanding on the powerful new integration they cultivated.

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