Only Art is Human: The Story Behind Our New Brand

Jive Brings a Human Touch to Technology

At its core, art is about expression. It’s about giving form to your unique perspective. On your life, your relationships, your community.

To be successful in the modern world, we believe companies must enable people to bring those unique perspectives into the workplace, in ways that make sense for them.

Jive brings the human touch back into the technology we use everyday, from product design to customer support. And we bring that philosophy into the brand itself, through collaborative artworks that demonstrate the power of people working better together.

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An Introduction to the Jive Brand, by Elisa Steele, CEO at Jive Software

It’s so important to live the brand you represent at work and to genuinely believe in the promise. When I was at Skype it was so easy for me — I was already an avid user and loved the brand. Moving to Jive was also easy because I was a former (happy) customer. Living the brand is real everyday because we rely on it to accomplish every aspect of our work. Product ideation. Financial planning. Strategy development. Customer communities. Team collaboration. Employee onboarding. The list goes on. And, when I talk to our customers, we connect easily because their experience is my experience.

I can’t think of a better example of living the brand than the approach we took to create our new visual identity. We created something that truly reflects our belief in collaboration — opening our process to the community instead of coming to the answer ourselves.

The project started earlier in the year to more clearly define our vision, mission and brand promise. We adopted three brand pillars that come directly from our product experience: connect, communicate, collaborate. We could have done something predictable at that point: Hire a creative agency, ideate inside, create options, pick one, and implement it.

But… something didn’t feel right. I wanted us to live our mission: to work better together. We needed to use our product and let it deliver on its promise to enable people to do great work. Like our product, we wanted to innovate around people – what they hear, what they see, how they interact, how they sound and, ultimately, how they feel.

So, we birthed the Only Art is Human collaboration project. With the help of Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Ore., we invited five artists from around the world to participate in the initiative. Using only the Jive product to connect, communicate and collaborate, the “Jive Five” formed. They had 5 days to work together to create art that represented the brand. Though separated by distance, time and culture, they created a unique canvas to reflect Jive.

I’ve never been involved in a branding project like this – opening our brand to the community to design and create together. What you see is beautiful, but what’s even better is that it’s aligned to who Jive is as a company, as a brand.

Meet the Artists

This was an opportunity to say here's my work, feel free to deface it, spill some paint on it, take a photo. It was a period of time for free-form experimentation. I really had a lot of fun. We got into a rhythm like riffing with someone on guitars, or improvisational jazz, we got into grooves, working with each other. It's really cool.

Mark Smith - Painting, Collage - Portland, OR

For me, as a person who sometimes feels dismay at being a solitary artist, it started to spark some interesting social possibilities. A lot of artists now are concerned with social responsibility and reject the notion of singular studio practice. I can imagine connecting artists globally toward consciousness-raising around social issues.

Michelle Ross - Painting - Portland, OR

Meeting other artists who you don’t know is a very rich experience, because inevitably it’s going to open you up. I didn’t realize how connected I could feel to the others’ work. It was a real discovery of other people and what they care about, even in a short period of only five days. That’s a huge thing. I think it’s hard for others to know how to share in that way, and Jive really makes it possible.

Leslie Greene - Painting, Assemblage - Paris, France

There was trepidation but it went away really quickly once we saw how easy it was.

Richard Gruetter - Painting - Rota, Spain

When we talked it was like all my friends are here. We figured out a way to work together starting from nothing without even knowing each other. We went in as strangers and came out a week later almost as friends or colleagues. There is this immediacy and closeness that’s fostered.

Anna Von Mertens - Painting, Quilt Making - Peterborough, NH

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