Behind the Scenes with Jive Chime: A Startup that Thrives Inside Jive


Today is an exciting milestone for our Jive Chime team – it’s not every day you see the nugget of an idea you had just a couple of quarters ago get launched as a fresh new GA product by the industry leader in business communications and collaboration. But that’s just what has happened for my partner-in-crime Arend Naylor, the rest of our lean, nimble Jive Chime development team and me.

Arend and I are always on the lookout for new ways to fill a market need. After coming to Jive, we couldn’t help but notice that no one was offering companies a truly ubiquitous consumer-grade solution to simplify real-time messaging across devices. There are plenty of team communications tools out there, but none of them have quite hit the mark. We wanted to give coworkers a beautiful app to connect on the go without tons of arduous integration or the headaches of switching between contexts just to keep a conversation flowing. So we kicked off a week-long hack to see what we could design with the mobile context in mind… and Jive Chime was born.

We have the autonomy to start up something new inside of Jive, which is how we were able bring our solution to market so quickly. We began with a small pod of folks, and gradually added to the group over the past year. As we pitched our idea to Jive’s product, engineering and marketing teams, the support piled on. And because we were able to maintain a singular focus on the user experience, we’ve just made real-time messaging a whole lot easier for teams.

With the new Jive Chime app you can instantly start 1:1 or group conversations with your coworkers, teams and departments, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. It’s secure and works seamlessly across iOS and Android devices and on Windows and Mac desktops, so you can get the answers you need to keep your work moving and the conversation flowing as you run from meeting to meeting or from your desk to the airport.

Jive Chime Features_April 2015

Our approach to building Jive Chime has turned out to be a great framework for invention at Jive. The startup mentality thrives throughout our company – as evidenced not just by Jive Chime, but also by the rest of the innovative new portfolio of modern, purpose-built apps we announced earlier this year.

For more details about how Jive Chime works, check out today’s press release on the news or download the app at

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