BlueLine Rental Builds a Foundation for Employee Engagement Using Jive

BlueLine Rental is a nationwide provider of construction equipment rentals, with thousands of employees across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. As is common with field-driven companies, BlueLine previously struggled to build authentic, two-way connections between its distributed sales force and the organization’s executives at headquarters. BlueLine Rental had this to say about the company’s adoption of Jive:

As a sales-driven company with key personnel spread across hundreds of rental centers, it’s crucial for our leaders to convey an open-door policy and empower employees with new digital solutions that fuel collaboration. Our previous communications systems were less connected and didn’t allow for as much employee feedback, but with Jive we can sustain a continuous shared conversation across the company. Jive gives us an inclusive, easy-to-use platform for internal communication, human resources and project collaboration.

Aisha Bussey, marketing manager at BlueLine Rental

With its new Jive-powered interactive intranet—dubbed “BlueLink”—the business is successfully fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, accessible subject matter experts, and open, transparent communication across all levels of the company. BlueLink is a one-stop-shop in the cloud, where BlueLine employees can find everything they need to do their jobs—from CRM to PTO applications.

BlueLine is just one of the many companies that use Jive-n to support big, audacious HR goals, such as establishing a unified company culture, increasing employee engagement, and driving strategic alignment. Businesses such as ADP, Cerner, Devoteam, GoDaddy, Grant Thornton, Pearson, Plex Systems, Ricoh, Spectrum Health and Thomson Reuters have deployed Jive-powered interactive intranets to enhance communications and collaboration between executives, departments and locations.

BlueLine Rental equipment

BlueLine Rental equipment

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