Jive’s Interactive Intranet Can Help Build an Engaged Workforce…Join Our Upcoming Webinars to Find out How!

Keeping employees engaged and informed on what their company is doing and the direction it wants to go can be tough. With teams in different locations and time-zones, as well as different workstyles, it can be challenging to keep everyone connected and focused. However, new collaboration technologies can help companies and employees easily communicate and stay aligned.

Later today and next Wednesday, we’ll be connecting with some real-world communications leaders to discuss the ways they are using Jive Interactive Intranets to build an engaged workforce. We hope you can join us for these webinars:

“Building an Engaged Workforce at Cox Automotive” Webinar


  • What – “Building an Engaged Workforce at Cox Automotive” webinar
  • Who – Billy Auer, communications manager at Cox Automotive and Darshita Maniar, senior manager of product marketing at Jive
  • When – 10 a.m. PST, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016
  • Where – Visit Live Webinar: Building an Engaged Workforce at Cox Automotive

'Building an Engaged Workforce at Cox Automotive' webinar on Dec. 8th

During this morning’s webinar, Billy will discuss the tools and technologies used to support employees through their careers at Cox Automotive; how they handled acquisitions, change and continue to move the needle; and how the communications team rolled out their interactive intranet through a special new hire orientation to drive adoption and engagement.


Billy Auer

Communications Manager

Cox Automotive

Darshita Maniar

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jive Software

"How to Strategically Align Your Organization" Webinar


  • What – “How to Strategically Align Your Organization” webinar
  • Who – Sarah Brubaker, manager of internal communications at American Express GBT and Gili Guri-Mill, director of product marketing at Jive
  • When – 10 a.m. PDT, Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016
  • Where – Visit Live Webinar: How to Strategically Align Your Organization

'How to Strategically Align Your Organization' webinar with American Express GBT on Dec. 14th

During next week’s webinar, Sarah will explain how GBT aligned its employees throughout a period of culture transformation with the launch of UConnect, GBT’s Jive-powered interactive intranet. She’ll be joined by Jive’s Gili Guri-Mill who will share tips on how companies can use collaborative solutions to empower employees to become their company’s next “communications hero.”


Sarah Brubaker

Manager, Internal Communications

American Express Global Business Travel

Gili Guri-Mill

Director, Product Marketing

Jive Software

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