Complex Integrations Made Fast and Easy with Flow (1 of 3)

In order to keep doing great work, developers need to have the latest and greatest tools to keep up with the demands of the times. Whether that tool is made to do things faster, with fewer errors, or to simplify the construction and deconstruction of our apps and services, we always need to stay on the cutting edge.

Introducing's Flow

This post is here to introduce one of those great new tools to add to your belt—’s Flow. Creating integrations from a large variety of sources into/out of Jive has never been so easy and can be done in 3-5 minutes flat. The interface for creating integrations with Flow is mostly a visual UI with custom coding options available to take on even more complex business rules than all that’s available out of the box. This is extremely powerful through all legs of an organization and can be used by a variety of teams to reduce cycles, prototype systems, and reduce management overhead.

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