Creating Digital Document Storage That Works

The recent move to an increasingly distributed and remote workforce is presenting new challenges for organizations. While many companies have systems in place to help their teams find and share information, they aren’t always effective. The question is: How can you fix document management issues and create digital document storage that works?  

The Problem With Document Management

Before you try to improve your document management, it’s important to understand the cause of this issue. Organizations are creating more content than ever, but no one can find what they need. According to a survey by IDC, document-related challenges cause over 20% of productivity loss.

With many people working at home now, having the ability to find the information you need fast is more important than ever. It empowers employees to stay on track and get work done in any environment. These positive changes are only possible when you modernize document storage. 

How To Improve Your Document Storage

Effective digital document management is a key to boosting productivity and collaboration. However, all document management solutions are not created equal. The key is finding a platform with the features you actually need to share, search and collaborate from anywhere.  

Making Digital Document Storage Work With Jive

Jive brings your documents together, which makes it easier for your employees to find information and collaborate. Here’s how:

  • Upload And Share All Files: The first step to making digital document storage work is getting all your documents in one place. With Jive, you can create content directly in your intranet, using Jive's rich text editor; you can upload content created in other applications; or you can pull in documents directly using Jive's integrations with Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 and other systems. No matter where the content originated, Jive makes it all easy to find, easy to share and easy to collaborate on.
  • Leverage Integrations: It’s likely that your organization uses a lot of tools. One study shows that the average company uses over 100 software applications. Switching between all these apps can be overwhelming, but Jive can help. Our flexible integrations make it possible to connect the platforms your employees love. 
  • Simple Collaboration: Empower your employees to collaborate from anywhere. Jive allows your team to jointly create, comment on and revise documents. It also keeps all drafts and authors in sync, making it easy for you to track changes.
  • Use Keywords And Tags: You can find documents rapidly using Jive's powerful, precise search function. It not only recognizes words and phrases – it understands your actual intent, helping you find relevant information you didn't even know existed. You can also assign tags to people, new content and existing content. This way, everyone can get the information they need faster, and easily navigate back to it for reference. 

Supercharge Document Storage With PeopleGraph™

Jive’s groundbreaking PeopleGraph™ technology sets it apart from other document storage solutions. PeopleGraph™ analyzes who the members of your team are and how they work. This information allows Jive to deliver hyper-personalized content recommendations and search results. 

Ready To Make Digital Document Storage Work For Your Organization? 

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