Delivering On Our Vision to Enable The World To Do Great Work: Announcing the 2015 Winter Release

The best organizations in the world know that when you give your employees, partners and customers the right tools to help them work better together, wonderful things happen. Employees become closely aligned to what’s happening in their company, and people feel more connected to each other and to the business. Today, we introduced the Winter release for Jive-n and Jive-x, which is built on enabling the world to do great work through solutions that help people better connect, communicate and collaborate across audiences.  For internal communities, the Jive-n Winter release is all about improving organizational alignment and creating a culture of engaged employees.  And for external communities, Jive-x Winter release focuses on providing companies with a powerful solution to better nurture customers and prospects. Best of all, both Jive-n and Jive-x build on the belief that these experiences need to be seamless –whether accessing the communities from a PC at the office or a mobile phone on the go.

Jive-n: Empowering employees to be connected, informed and engaged

Recent studies have found that only 14 percent of employees understand their organization’s strategy – and startlingly, only 13 percent are engaged at work. We want to positively change these numbers – big time. With the latest release, we aim to eliminate the barriers to engagement and provide a company’s most valuable asset – its employees – with all the news and information they need to stay strategically aligned to what’s happening inside the company. When a business’ workforce is informed and connected, business results follow. The Jive-n Winter release delivers a superior solution for both company-wide and audience-specific corporate communications across devices, fostering two-way dialogue while strengthening strategic alignment. Additionally, enhanced search capabilities and enhanced integrations with Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs further extend Jive as the central collaboration hub for companies. Here’s a run down on some of the key updates coming in Jive-n:

214393_Newsview for Blog_V7

  • Curated, tailored streams and News page. Ensuring that the right information effortlessly reaches the targeted audience is important. Now, administrators can auto-subscribe an entire community or subset of employees to specific news or blogs and measure its impact within that audience. News streams can be based on employee department, office location, role or more. In addition, a brand-new News page delivers a visually engaging and prioritized summary view of the most important content for each user. For example, executive blogs can be up-leveled on the News page for better alignment across the company.
  • Improved mobile apps. Building on mobile workstyles, we’re delivering a ubiquitous experience for employees viewing news on the go. People can check out company messages using the latest Jive’s iOS and Android apps or enjoy a seamless experience via their mobile browsers thanks to the responsive web technology we introduced in the Fall release.
  • Promoted search results. Jive is already a leader in enterprise search, delivering the most relevant results across content in Jive-n and other integrated applications. With the Winter release we build on this by providing community leaders with the ability to define and promote results for common keywords, dramatically improving the search experience by helping employees find the right content without using exact search terms.
  • Deeper connections with SharePoint. Jive has continued to enhance its Office 365® integration with an update to the Jive Connector for SharePoint. Jive now supports claims-based authentication for connecting to Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Richer integration with Google Docs. In this latest upgrade, the Jive Connector for Google Docs now includes impact metrics, so people can measure reach and sentiment of their shared documents. In addition, Jive-n now synchronizes instantaneously with Google Drive files.

Jive-x: Tracking brand affinity via deeper insights and nurturing users with tailored experiences

Our latest updates to Jive-x focus on enabling companies to better inform, captivate, track and nurture prospects and customers. A bigger and better integration with Marketo as well as a new community health report help deliver valuable insight about prospects and customers so marketers and community managers can improve brand awareness, message relevance and, ultimately, participation and conversion rates. The update also adds new ways to get the right information in front of the right people. Here are just some of the highlights rolling out in the Winter release of Jive-x:

214393_Community Health Report_V3

  • Marketo integration. New direct integration between Jive-x and Marketo will supplement details about a prospect’s website activity with insight into their community interactions. With this data, marketers can automatically personalize messaging and campaigns based on each visitor’s demonstrated interests.
  • Community health report. Community managers can peer into fine-grained analytics and get visibility into how member metrics changed over the last 24 hours, 7 days, or month. With this new report, they can instantly see the effects of any adjustments or improvements they’ve made to the community.
  • Dedicated news filters. Companies can also create specific groups – such as new members, people interested in a particular product, or partners – to receive relevant information from throughout the community. As a result, members will receive more focused news in their activity streams.
  • Customizable tiles. Community managers can now place easily customizable application tiles on any landing page to deepen engagement. The tiles can be centrally managed and leveraged to draw attention to timely promotions, advertisements or images, related content from other systems, or unique navigation options.

And there’s more! For both Jive-n and Jive-x, this latest release delivers significant performance improvements which have resulted in faster page load times (20%!) to delight users and optimize search engine results.

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To learn more about today’s announcements, please check out our Jive-n and Jive-x press releases. Or, hop on over to our Jive Community and join the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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