Develop Dynamic News Streams Within Your Jive Community

Understanding and Using News Streams

At Jive, we’ve implemented the news stream feature in our own Interactive Intranet, Brewspace, serving as a way to remain connected and up-to-date with all things happening at Jive and with fellow colleagues. This news stream feature, also called an auto-follow or subscription stream, allows you to focus your online community around a curated list of important streaming content. News streams make it possible to subscribe a subset of users to specific streams based on their role, department or office. You can also specify a stream to push notifications out, ensuring that everyone gets the content in their inboxes at the same time.

A news stream is dynamic, and if managed correctly, can be an ideal homepage for your interactive intranet. Pieces of content displayed and highlighted within a news stream have a set life-span, assuring that every employee has the opportunity to read the content, remember it and reference it on an as needed basis. News streams can be set up and produced with multiple purposes in mind, however, all news streams play the same critical role within the workplace—getting important and relevant information out to employees when needed.

Watch the video below to see how we did it at Jive, and how you, too, can implement a progressive news stream within your interactive intranet.

How to Set Up News Streams to Enhance Your Company's Communication in 3 Easy Steps

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