Effective Clinical Communication Through a Single, Secure Collaboration Platform

Clinician Smartphone Usage Has Increased but Overall Collaboration Still Lacks

While adoption of smartphones among clinicians has increased over the last five years, communication still lacks between all areas of the health system. Four in five clinicians (84%) use smartphones for work reasons and over half use both a smartphone and a tablet for work. Additionally, 93% of clinicians use a smartphone in some manner, either professionally or personally.

The ongoing increase in smartphone adoption means that healthcare policies and procedures must adapt to provide optimum quality and safety. Social communication and collaboration isn’t just something you do on your free time anymore. Professionals have incorporated these digital tools into their day jobs—clinicians included! Various specialties have embraced social communication and collaboration as a way of not only engaging with their organization, but with their patients as well.

Kantar Media graph detailing physician usage of smartphones

Clinicians who collaborate via a mobile platform are more connected to their work

A major gap in this relationship, however, is the direct communication among clinicians—and there’s a wide array of clinicians who are all essential to patient care. Coordination of various treatments and specialties are critical to prevent inaccuracies and the disintegration of care. In a recent NCBI study of 4,720 clinicians, clinicians who reported a lack of timely communication had less confidence in their ability to provide high-quality care than those who received appropriate communication. A study by the Journal of Nursing Scholarship also suggests that most clinicians operate as separate healthcare providers who barely speak to each other. This fragmented approach to healthcare doesn’t reflect the values of modern medicine.

So, how do you deliver enhanced care coordination and clinical communications while positively affecting the bottom line?

Secure Mobile Communication

Pagers and fragmented/non-integrated mobile applications are no longer an effective means of clinical communication and collaboration for patient care. For the majority of organizations, the conversations that occur around electronic health record (EHR) systems and patients aren’t captured due to the lack of a connected solution.

Complete Collaboration Solution

To truly redefine care coordination, health systems need a single, secure and integrated collaboration system where clinicians can safely coordinate patient care from any device, without barriers. A successful solution goes beyond simple messaging and supports a full range of communication and collaboration, enabling clinicians to participate in discussions, find key documentation, read important news that matters to them and receive critical alerts. A great mobile experience is especially important for providers who spend most of their time on the hospital or clinic floor, not at their desks. When the whole care team has access to this kind of secure, mobile-friendly collaboration platform, the transformation of the care model truly begins. Simply put: less time searching for information and trying to reach colleagues means more time spent with patients and giving exceptional care.

Social collaboration, and communication, brings a new dimension to health care as it offers a medium to be used by the public, patients, and health professionals to communicate about health issues with the possibility of potentially improving health outcomes.

Dr. Anne Morehead, PhD, MSc from the University of Ulster, on her systematic review of social media for health communication

Improved Patient Outcomes

Health systems that adopt these policies will not only improve the patient experience, but they’ll also reduce the risks associated with other unsecured and non-compliant forms of communication. Organizations that become drivers of these policies will see increased clinical and patient satisfaction, improved revenues, and saved time and costs. Secure, mobile-enabled collaboration through a unified platform will enable clinicians to work and connect effectively.

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