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One month ago, we announced our newest addition to the Jive-w portfolio: Jive Circle, the mobile employee directory app for your company. Today we are excited to announce that Jive Circle is generally available to the public. We have really taken an unique approach to the design of this app. Our Director of Product Design for Jive Circle, Rian van de Merwe shares our story, and how we incorporated a user-centric design when building the app.


What makes Jive Circle unique is that it integrates with our real time messaging app, Jive Chime. You can search and find colleagues through a secure employee directory app and seamlessly message them in real-time.


What makes Jive Circle easy to deploy and maintain is that we make it very easy for an admin to manage, invite, and deactivate users in a secure Administrative Console.


These apps are available on iOS and Android today. Jive Circle is priced at $2 a user per month. If you are interested in using Jive Circle as the mobile employee directory for your company please contact our sales team and will would be happy to get you set up.

For more information check out jivesoftware.com/circle.

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