FedRamp Certification Streamlines Government Agency Collaboration

What is FedRAMP certification for cloud software?

In order to better serve its citizens, the U.S. Federal Government has initiated a “Cloud First” policy to help overcome some of the inefficiencies that have plagued government agencies since even before the ink had finished drying on the Constitution. With nearly 325 million people relying on the Federal Government every day for their security, safety and well-being, achieving successful digital transformation is a monumental undertaking. With so much at stake, it’s not only important for it to get cloud right, it’s essential.

One of the ways Government has addressed those massive challenges is by implementing a rigorous security certification process for cloud service providers. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, is a strict, government-wide program designed to standardize security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring of cloud products and services sold to the U.S. Government. Receiving FedRAMP certification is mandatory for businesses wishing to do business with the Federal Government.

Because the Federal Government’s various agencies and departments are instrumental to the lives of Americans, Jive was honored to be chosen as the first end-to-end collaboration solution to be awarded FedRAMP “In-Process” status (full certification is expected in Q1 2018). To jumpstart their collaboration efforts, several agencies are already reaping the rewards of Jive Software’s Interactive Intranet, including our Government sponsor, NASA, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the United States Army and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), among others.

Jive's upcoming FedRAMP certified government collaboration solution will offer:

Agency agility

Today’s world is moving at hyper speed and people at every level of government must be empowered to problem-solve, make decisions and take action without constraints. Older technologies like static legacy intranets bog workers down with hierarchical, top-down-information when what they really need is the ability to locate content, communicate with colleagues and retrieve institutional knowledge at a moment’s notice. An interactive intranet integrates with many of the tools and solutions disparate agencies are already using to help eliminate fragmentation and break down silos, which helps reduce IT spend.


Jive improves ideation, innovation, productivity and engagement by providing public servants with a single place to access the valuable, time-sensitive information they need. Unlike with traditional intranets, Jive is a collaboration hub that allows employees the flexibility to form teams, collaborate on content and solve real problems in real-time. It enables action-taking, decision-making and knowledge sharing at a pace that adapts to today’s accelerated pace of government. By connecting people across offices, departments and centers, an interactive intranet offers the agility government needs to support the people who serve the people.

Enhanced intranet security

The stakes are high when the public trust is in your hands. With an eye on today’s cybersecurity issues, Jive’s upcoming FedRAMP certified Intranet will offer end-to-end support, as well as deployment and management processes that reduce administration and access vulnerability. Jive leads the industry in intranet security best practices with around-the-clock monitoring and support, full application/infrastructure and log access and, because it’s cloud-based, timely managed releases and upgrades.

It’s more difficult than ever to extend the lifespans of solutions that were designed in a pre-cloud (or even a pre-Internet) era. As technology has advanced and people have adapted to powerful new consumer solutions, bolted-on features and antiquated applications will no longer cut it in today’s workplace – whether it’s in the private or public sector. Thanks to FedRAMP though, there are more options than ever to bring people together in government. And isn’t that what we all yearn for anyway?

In upcoming posts in this important FedRAMP series, we’ll discuss the ways in which Jive’s Interactive Intranet:

  • Integrates with existing solutions to help free information from data silos
  • Improves agency communication, helps enhance strategic alignment and reduces IT spend

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