Fighting off Corporate Amnesia with Interactive Intranets

With Baby Boomers already eyeing their golf clubs in anticipation of retirement and younger workers job-hopping as if their previous workplace was a trampoline, organizations are facing unprecedented brain drain in the coming months and years. Add to that the torrent of new data that’s about to be unleashed by the Internet of Things (IoT), and the threat to corporate memory is only getting worse. If knowledge is power, it’s time for a new battery.

Fortunately, new research has found a solution to the problem of corporate amnesia—one that we at Jive and our customers have suspected all along. A recent study conducted by professor Paul Leonardi from the University of California, Santa Barbara found that Jive’s Interactive Intranet solution triggered workers’ “ambient awareness”—the unconscious acquisition of knowledge gained from observing communications between other coworkers and teams.

Research has found a solution to the problem of corporate amnesia – one that we at Jive and our customers have suspected all along

Simply by using Jive, employees’ metaknowledge of “who knows what” and “who knows whom” shot up 31% and 88% respectively versus the control group. Not only does an Interactive Intranet help workers acquire important metaknowledge, it captures information so it can be surfaced and accessed by both current and future employees, partners, contractors, freelancers and even customers.

In his new article for CMSWire, Jive’s Vice President of Product Marketing, John Schneider, discusses the new findings, as well as the threats to corporate memory and importance of retaining it. To learn more, read “How Intranets Help Fight Corporate Amnesia” at CMSWire.

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