Finally, a Fast and Secure Way to Find Your Colleagues While On-the-Go

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin’s wise remarks, “in this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes” …and the frustration of tracking down your colleagues when you need them. While that might not be an exact quote from Mr. Franklin, we can all relate to the panic scenarios of trying to find a colleague when you’re all out and about during a critical launch or finding that one important expert in your company who can help with a particular problem you’re facing. What about that time you wasted walking around aimlessly while trying to identify the person you were meeting in the cafeteria for an informal, albeit blind work lunch meeting? You know, the one with the gender-neutral first name – don’t deny it; we’ve all been there!

Today, we’re building on our design leadership and our experience helping people work better together with the release of the all-new Jive Circle – a secure app for employees to quickly search and find colleagues in their organization. Jive Circle seamlessly integrates with our Jive Chime real-time messaging app, the fastest way to connect with colleagues.

Introducing Jive Circle…

Jive Circle Graphic

Soon to be available across iOS and Android devices, Jive Circle delivers an employee directory app that’s beautifully designed with a simplified experience. It puts a face to the name of every employee and provides on-the-go access so you can quickly get in touch. Find out more about Jive Circle’s specific capabilities.

Jive Chime Updates

In addition, we’re making ongoing enhancements and updates to Jive Chime – including features for IT administrators managing company-wide deployments, as well as employees connecting with one another to get work done:

  • Invite colleagues to both Jive Chime and Jive Circle: With the latest admin release, IT teams can directly paste an expanded distribution list from Outlook into the admin console and with one-click invite all employees within their organization to use the apps.


  • Employees can also invite colleagues to join Jive Chime via the mobile app by simply searching contacts from their address book on any device.


  • Hide conversations: One of our most commonly requested features has now come to life with the latest version of Jive Chime, letting employees quickly remove or hide conversations – whether from their mobile app or desktop.


Learn More

To learn more about today’s announcement, please check out our latest press release and visit to sign up for the early access program to get Jive Circle on August 31st. Or, hop on over to our Jive Community and join the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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