How to Find the Right Answers When You Need Them Within Your Interactive Intranet

Enhance Your Information Sharing Techniques and Leverage Responses for the Future

At Jive, we use our interactive intranet every day to get our work done. Questions are constantly being asked within our intranet community, Brewspace, and our coworkers are eager to provide answers for their fellow Jivers. With all of the comments, feedback, likes and shares flowing into your inbox from these responses, it is sometimes a challenge to sift through this information to find which response is the correct one.

Being able to find the right answer when you need it is critical to making quick decisions, from how to prioritize project tasks to what activities to do for the next team building event, you want it to be obvious to others what the real answer is amongst all the options.

Here at Jive, we “mark correct” on the answers we know are right, to help our fellow Jivers easily and efficiently find the answers they need without much searching and scrolling. This is a very helpful and productive way to find accurate answers as quickly as possible. It greatly enhances how information is shared and how responses can be leveraged in the future.

Watch the video below to see how you can implement Jive’s suggestions and improve information sharing within your interactive intranet.

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