GoDaddy Uses Jive to Retain and Engage Its 5,000 Global Employees

Jive Is the "Mosh Pit of Ideas" for GoDaddy

For GoDaddy, Jive is the “mosh pit of ideas.” It’s the place employees go for news and information; it’s where they collaborate and have a voice. As people connect organically and ideas cross silos, efficiency goes up and redundancy goes down.

Discover how GoDaddy empowers its people through Jive in the video below. GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, Auguste Goldman, discusses why they chose Jive—and how Jive has become the culture-carrier for the company.

GoDaddy's interactive intranet, 'The Planet'

The number one thing I would say about Jive is that it's not a platform to read, it's a platform to be involved.

Auguste Goldman, Chief People Officer at GoDaddy

Jive Increases Employee Engagement at GoDaddy