Good-Bye Email, Hello Real-Time Communication

How does your company handle the notion that “being at work” doesn’t always mean “being in your seat”? Instead, it means being connected; from desk to conference room to coffee pot to business trips, work happens wherever and whenever.

But if your company is using multiple platforms and channels for real-time communication with the team, employees devote a lot of their workday to tracking each other down and waiting around for responses. And piecing together conversation fragments from several devices? Not fun and not productive (probably not cheap either).

All this juggling takes a lot of effort and time… with little effect. (In the end, communication starts to feel like this.) What’s more, this isn’t the way your employees even want to communicate:


Email is Dead


What is your company doing to help mobilize the conversation and make teams work better together? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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