Great Customer Experience Begins with an Empowered Workforce

Today, customer expectations are continuously growing, demanding exceptional quality and service. The key to delivering such an experience starts with having an engaged and connected workforce. In fact, a recent survey from Gallup found that companies with high employee engagement had 10 percent higher customer ratings than those with low engagement.

In an effort to improve engagement levels, many companies look to deploy an interactive intranet like Jive to allow employees to easily connect, collaborate and locate information. While its objective is to increase productivity and satisfaction levels, it’s important to realize this doesn’t happen right away. In a recent CMSWire article, I discuss what it takes to have a successful intranet that fosters collaboration and why you need to look at each phase of your intranet’s life to ensure it maps back to your desired business outcomes.

Collaborative and connected environments result in happier, more engaged employees, which results in better customer experience. By deploying a hub where connecting with information and one another is easily done, employees, customers and the business can all reap the returns.

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