“HeForShe 2016: Driving Change in Silicon Valley” Panel Drew the Masses and Inspired Thoughtful Discussion on Gender Equality

UN Women, Stanford University, Jive and PwC Executives Speak Candidly and Pragmatically about Achieving Gender Parity

Last Thursday, January 7th, Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram led an engaging and sometimes sobering conversation with the Head of UN Women’s HeForShe movement Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Jive CEO Elisa Steele, Stanford University Sociologist Marianne Cooper, Ph.D. and PwC Partner Colby Conner on where we stand today in Silicon Valley, and in the U.S., regarding the advancement of women and their representation in leadership roles. Although the panelists noted we are not likely to see gender equality in their lifetime, they did predict that those entering the workforce now likely will.

Lauren Hockenson from The Next Web wrote a comprehensive article on the panel, which is a great read.

You can also watch the panel in its entirety below.

200 People Gathered To Support and Help Drive the HeForShe Movement in the Bay Area

Notable Quotes

Each panelist delivered profound, Tweetable quotes during the panel discussion. Here are the top trending Tweets from the event and below are some additional, impactful sound bites.

Top Tweets HeForShe Panel

Gender equality is not a loss for men. Actually it can be a gift for men.

Marianne Cooper, Ph.D.

What does success look like? We want to achieve gender equality. It's that simple.

Elizabeth Nyamayaro

At the end of the day, technology can power all of this networking, technology can power incredible connections, but it's people that create opportunities for other people.

Elisa Steele

Men need to actively, every day, fill their network with diverse people in their personal and professional lives.

Colby Conner

#HeForShe16SV Video

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