HeliOffshore’s Flight Safety Community Soars to New Heights with Jive

HeliOffshore is a global safety association for the offshore helicopter industry, with members from all of the major oil and gas companies, large aircraft manufacturers and other specialized service providers, all working together to advance flight safety best practices.

The organization recently launched a cloud-based Jive community called “HeliOffshore Space” to bring these stakeholders together from across the worldwide ecosystem. In the online community, they are collaborating on critical safety initiatives that benefit the millions of offshore workers who depend upon helicopters to get to and from work safely.

The cloud-based Jive community, "HeliOffshore Space," brings key stakeholders together from across the worldwide ecosystem to collaborate on critical safety initiatives

We are bringing together our global industry to enhance safety in offshore helicopter operations. With HeliOffshore Space, we have increased the reach and flexibility of that collaboration as people share and update best practices and exchange safety information. Our members appreciate Jive’s secure user permissions and we have found it easy to give new people access to relevant spaces. Even HeliOffshore members who are also competitors are working effectively within this one digital environment, which helps us achieve our aim of ever-higher levels of safety.

Francois Lassale, operations director at HeliOffshore, on Jive's key role in supporting the organization's mission

HeliOffshore is a global safety association for the offshore helicopter industry

The groundbreaking digital community also integrates a data analytics platform from Tonic Analytics to seamlessly blend online discussions with valuable data from aircraft operations, manufacturers and aircraft assets themselves. HeliOffshore’s collaboration hub is an inspiring demonstration of the powerful social outcomes that can result from blending human conversations with data from machines, devices, systems and applications.

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