How Aurea’s New Unlimited Software Model Helps Accelerate Digital Transformation

Late last year, Jive’s parent company, Aurea, began rolling out a new business model. It’s all about helping companies more easily and cost-effectively accelerate their digital transformations with solutions from Aurea’s ever-expanding software library. After gathering initial customer feedback, we’re happy to now share more details with the world.

In a nutshell, Aurea Unlimited allows our customers to deploy each and every Aurea product as part of their existing Jive (or other product) subscription. Once you gain traction with a solution like Jive, you can expand your technology adoption by deploying more software at no additional cost –  we’ll simply apply the amount you currently spend with Jive towards any other product(s) in our portfolio.

For instance, say you browse Aurea’s software library and notice AlertFind, our emergency notification system. If you don’t yet have a tool like that and want to check it out, just contact your account exec. They’ll confirm that your Jive spend covers the AlertFind license you’ll need, then work with the Aurea team to set up a proof of concept. You might try it out for a month and determine that it adds value. Then you can immediately move forward with a full-scale deployment at no extra cost.

Here’s what one industry expert, Wayne Kurtzman from IDC Research, has to say about Aurea’s new unlimited model:

“An ‘all you can eat’ product pricing model for software presents a compelling opportunity for companies to push needed technology initiatives forward while mitigating risk. Digital transformation can be difficult and expensive, and the realities of IT operating budgets force many companies to limit their technology adoption. An unlimited software subscription could remove those barriers to innovation and empower businesses to try tools they might not otherwise prioritize.”

As our CEO, Scott Brighton, says, “we’re on a mission to reinvent enterprise software.” We’re excited for you to join us on that journey.

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