How Jive’s Collaboration Solutions Are Empowering Businesses

Recently, Aurea’s own Katherine Evans chatted with an editor over at, who wrote an in-depth feature article about trends in enterprise collaboration and the benefits of Jive’s solution in particular. He explained today’s increasingly siloed and dispersed work environments, and how Jive’s interactive intranet can cure the resulting challenge of corporate amnesia for better employee engagement and productivity.

Many of the points covered in this piece are things we hear from our customers all the time about growing challenges with their modern work environments: application overload, geographical dispersion and the loss of corporate memory. Katherine shared some of the best practices we’ve observed, such as using collaboration to drive knowledge and expertise discovery, reduce employee onboarding time, and provide a gateway to a company’s most important assets — its knowledge and people.

She also offered up some insight into our future direction for Jive:

“We’re leveraging AI and natural language processing to intelligently connect workers with the right people, content, and knowledge,” Katherine said. “Right now, we’re building a tool called a work graph that tracks all of the content with which users interact, then surfaces that information when the relative criteria is searched. As we improve our solutions, our customers will see their time savings increase exponentially.”

In addition, she gave a nice shout out to all of the great collaboration amongst all of you right here in AureaWorks:

“We’ve used that portal to gather a large group of community managers who come together and share information,” Katherine said. “They discuss best practices and help us understand how our customers are using our solutions. If we were only talking to one customer at a time, we might learn one or two things. But when we talk to a group of customers gathered together, we learn a lot very quickly.”

Check out the full article for more great insights:

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