How VEON Drives Cultural Alignment, Productivity and Cost Savings with Jive

VEON is one of the world’s telecommunications giants, with nearly 10,000 employees serving over 200 million customers across Europe and Asia. A few years ago, the organization started down a path of transformation – spanning its product offerings, organizational structure, culture and brand. VEON’s leaders wanted to take advantage of new digital workplace solutions like Jive to accelerate this journey. They knew they needed to evolve from legacy values, scattered communications and a redundant corporate structure with lots of bureaucracy, into new ways of thinking and working through cross-cultural collaboration, knowledge exchange and communication.

The Journey to Digital Collaboration at a Multinational Telco Powerhouse

After a widely successful proof of concept, Jive partner Amron Social Business helped VEON replace seven existing intranets with a single interactive intranet in the cloud. The company’s new mobile-friendly Jive solution provides a central place for all company news, leadership town halls, ideation, learning and development, etc. Through Jive, employees can easily connect with executives, as well as subject matter experts and peers in other countries, to learn about the business’ strategic initiatives, share ideas and customer feedback, and even discover new career opportunities within VEON.

Anna Kravets of Anrom Social Business describes these benefits in this video.

Next-Generation Interactive Intranet Delivers Over 500% ROI

Now that VEON’s international workforce is united, informed and engaged, and the organization is adopting revamped corporate values – collaborative, customer-obsessed, entrepreneurial, innovative and authentic – that are reflected across Jive. The company’s human resources department enjoys other impacts as well. Their career space in Jive helped to quickly close over 50% of international job vacancies with internal candidates, saving over $100,000 in both recruiters’ time and other costs of filling vacancies with external candidates.

Additionally, by replacing disparate local intranets with Jive, VEON saves another ~$100,000 each year in reduced IT costs. In all, Anrom estimates that the company achieved a greater than 5X return on investment and paid for its interactive intranet project in just five months.

For more on how VEON rolled out Jive and its most successful use cases, check out this case study from Amron Social Business. Read the case study.

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