IM Apps Give Email a Run for its Money

If your team isn’t responding to your emails, it’s not you; it’s your technology.

With new technologies making traditional telecommunications seem like they’re from an ancient era, freemium solutions have filled the void big time. And that’s certainly the case with Instant Messaging apps. When it comes to productivity, even email has begun to seem stale; after all, how productive is it really to wait for answers when you can simply chat with the key stake-holders instead?

So ask yourself the question, is your company ready to evolve?

IM Apps Give Email a Run for its Money

IM Apps Give Email a Run for its Money

By leveraging real-time mobile messaging tools like the ones employees are already using multiple times each day—55% of their time at work to be precise—companies can effectively engage with talent while saving money too.

Propel your team communication into the future, and let Jive Chime be your time machine. A free, easy to use groups and private instant messaging app, designed specifically for your team’s needs.

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