How Interactive Intranets Can Fuel an Engaged Workforce

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s not easy to attract and retain the best talent. Today’s multigenerational workforce is continually evolving and becoming more educated and diverse. Employee expectations have heightened and hiring is increasingly competitive. The solution? HR organizations can utilize modern interactive intranets to support ever-changing employee needs through collaboration hubs that give employees the opportunity to work with co-workers at any time from anywhere.

Interactive intranets give employees the opportunity to work with co-workers at any time from anywhere

Jive's Vice President of Product Marketing, John Schneider

Earlier this summer, HR Grapevine Magazine featured an article by our vice president of product marketing, John Schneider, entitled “Leveraging an Interactive Intranet to Win at Collaboration,” in which he explains the importance of replacing dusty old static intranets to create unique, cohesive workplaces that attract collaborative employees and keep them engaged with the company. He discusses how employers can utilize interactive intranets to align everyone in the organization with the company’s mission, provide easy access to experts and offer seamless integration with other solutions employees already use.

As organizations upgrade and deploy interactive intranets, HR departments will increasingly benefit from a greater focus on employee engagement as opposed to the all-too-typical “us versus them” mindset. And companies will benefit from more productive employees who work better together—creating one important “we” within the workplace as a whole.

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