SIMPLE, SMART & BEAUTIFUL: Introducing the Latest Releases of Our Interactive Intranet and Customer Advocate Solutions

Our customers consistently tell us that the reason they chose Jive is because the Jive experience is more than a set of features – it is greater than a sum of its (awesome) parts. Which is why Jive continues to modernize and innovate its core experiences (aside from expanding its capabilities), so that every interaction users have within their Jive community is best-in-class. And we will keep doing it, because modernization, like innovation, is a continuous process.

Today, we proudly present exciting updates to our product portfolio, including a consumer-inspired redesign of its entire product portfolio and new optimized processes to highly engage employees, customers and partners. Additional features like peer-to-peer recognition, improved SEO, global translation capabilities and updates to our purpose-driven apps deliver a complete, engaging experience that drives brand affinity for external communities and employee engagement for its interactive intranet offering.

Beautiful, modern redesign of content

With a more beautiful design, enhanced mobile optimization and tailored WorkHub solutions that focus on key business needs, your employees will be happier, more engaged and more productive than ever before.

The new Jive-n cloud release features:

Visually appealing core content

Newly redesigned blog posts inspire the user at first glance, while ideas and polls make the most popular items pop.

Full-width banners and easy readability create a visually appealing blog experience that delights the viewer at first glance.

Showcasing the most active, relevant content

For this release, intelligent stream views highlight the most active content as it relates to the viewing user. This feature increases overall engagement by enabling custom email digests of activity streams in order for users to better manage the influx of news and prioritize what matters most.

Improved events collaboration

The enhancements to events allow companies to build team calendars.

New events and calendar features include an at-a-glance view and color coding to visibly distinguish between different event types.

The entire intranet in your pocket

With Jive Daily, the flagship mobile app for Jive-n cloud, the entire workforce can create, edit, comment, share, browse, search and vote – all while on-the-go. In addition, our other purpose-driven mobile apps have also received new updates, including a new user interface for Jive Circle and a new group chat feature for Jive Chime.

Transform prospects into customers and customers into advocates

Jive-x provides a connected digital hub that delivers the right conversations in a fully branded experience.

Seamless support ticketing experiences

Jive-x support centers now integrate with ServiceNow’s ticket management system, providing community members with a single experience to search existing knowledge, ask the community for help, and work with a support person.

Improved SEO for more reach and engagement

Today, Jive-x community’s communities are even easier to find on Google search with auto-populated Google site link and video sitemap codes.

Helpful translation services

Jive-x now enables users to consume and read content in whatever language they choose.

What’s next?

All Jive on cloud customers will receive the upgrade beginning today.

In addition to this release of its internal and external community products, we also announced new, tailored packages for businesses and vertical industries built on the JiveWorkHub. View the blog post.

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