Jive Announces Breakthrough Personal Analytics, Intelligent Profiles and Enhanced Integration to Drive Productivity and Engagement in the Workplace

New Cloud Release Makes Work Visibile, Searchable and Memorable From Any Device

Today we rolled out a new collection of innovative features for Jive’s cloud-based Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions that help people get their work done faster and more insightfully, while putting them at the center of their organization’s knowledge. Jive’s enhanced WorkHub allows companies to strengthen and easily leverage their biggest asset—corporate memory—wherever and whenever they need to.

Image of Jive's new innovative features

Jive’s unified WorkHub puts You at the center to fuel your organization's corporate memory

New user-centric analytics provide personalized data-driven insights for people to better understand their connections, influence peers and make faster informed decisions when collaborating

  • Jive’s new analytics go beyond current industry offerings by detailing the interconnectedness between each individual and other employees, groups, departments, customers and outside partners that comprise their networks.
  • People can become more fact-driven in their daily contributions and community interactions, with vital information about their connections, including sentiment, engagement and the impact of their content.
  • With Jive’s social graphs, people get unrivaled insight into who they are connected with, their business networks and how they can leverage influencers and advocates in their network to further amplify important information and collaboration.

Predictive analytics will play a vital role in decision-making, allowing executives more time to focus on strategy and innovation

Jive’s new personal analytics are important innovations to their solutions as they will not only help people see how active they are in the platform, but also how their content is resonating with other users. I believe this view into members’ own impact on the community will increase the strong engagement we are seeing at Cox.

Candida Rodriguez, enterprise community manager at Cox Automotive

New intelligent profiles revolve around each individual—driving pertinent content, data and information to further graph their network, build connections and increase engagement

Jive’s new intelligent profiles foster an automated way to access an organization’s corporate memory
  • New innovations are powered by Jive’s intelligent Recommender Engine, an advanced technology that delivers relevant experiences and content to people based on machine-learning insights.
  • Networks are constantly strengthening as interactions increase, fostering an automated, intuitive way to access an organization’s corporate memory of work, connections, projects, ideas and processes.
  • With recommended, intelligent content personalized to each user, people gain important and useful information at their fingertips, such as materials their peers are working on or new content that directly impacts their role.

Increased integration capabilities leverage external applications through the Jive WorkHub for maximized productivity

  • Jive provides the ability to create a hub for social media listening and engagement through its recent integration with Sysomos, a leader in the social monitoring space.
  • People can bring specific mentions from social media channels into Jive Customer Communities, allowing marketing and customer support organizations, as well as advocates, to answer questions and react to mentions, all within one place.

Jive’s enhanced integration with Sysomos brings specific mentions from social media channels into Jive customer communities

Enhanced individual recognition badges enable people to give and receive awards in context of the particular engagement and content at hand—building influence, increasing engagement and driving peer-to-peer recognition

New peer recognition badge functionality allows people to give and receive awards in context of the particular engagement and content at hand
  • Employees thrive when their work is appreciated. Peer Recognition Badges let co-workers and managers acknowledge a person’s accomplishments, whether it’s a job well done, a promotion or just being an awesome teammate.

Expanded event capabilities deliver the specific event information each person needs, and enables engagement before and after an event to maximize ROI

  • People can now highlight and promote special guests, along with their bios and social media sites, bringing additional value to an event and driving higher attendance.

Expanded event capabilities enable people to highlight and promote social guests, bios and social media sites

We’re excited about Jive’s innovative new events functionality, which will deliver amazing time savings because we use events heavily within our community. Jive understands our needs, and is meeting them by delivering updates like the ability to highlight both internal and external speakers, create a copy of an event, and include a time zone—all of which are more streamlined ways to relay information to our members.

Brett Carpenter, social community manager at Relias Learning

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