Jive Announces Certified Tech Partner Program Kicking Off with TemboSocial

Today, we are excited to formally unveil our certified technology partner program architected for partners driving digital transformation in the enterprise. Ultimately, this program ensures even more ways for customers to work better together from any device, anywhere—within any of today’s leading applications on the Jive platform.

Amplifying the power of Jive, the newly certified partners deliver best-of-breed, integrated solutions, so businesses can extend the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Our comprehensive review process evaluates technology partners to determine whether or not solutions work seamlessly within the high-quality Jive user experience, including the company’s customer service, marketing and engineering offerings for channel consistency.

Customers benefit from high-quality solutions that amplify the effectiveness and reach of the Jive platform in their business. At the same time, partners benefit from cross-functional alignment with Jive that bolsters a stronger and more effective channel based on multiple third-party assessments.

Becoming a Certified Technology Partner Candidate

There are two ways to become a technology partner candidate:

  • Apply using the Jive Technology Partnership Application webform, and if there is a clear strategic alignment to the product strategy, then the solution may become a candidate.
  • Start out as a Basic (FREE) or Preferred Partner (PAID) and show proven results working with Jive. Cultivate case studies of people using the solution with Jive and create awareness in the Jive community and help show how we should augment or align the product strategy for the proven opportunity.

Enhancing Employee Recognition with TemboSocial

In addition, we today announced that TemboSocial, a leader in employee social recognition, is the first partner to receive certification in the new program. TemboSocial enables companies of all sizes to easily add an enterprise recognition program, securely integrated within Jive’s solutions. As a result, customers can leverage their Jive investment by incorporating TemboSocial’s recognition program to further employee engagement and performance.

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