Jive Customer Q&A: Commvault Transforms Work through Improved Communications

We were excited to welcome Commvault, the IT industry’s leading data protection and information management company, to the Jive family last year. At the time, the company brought in Jive to help improve collaboration and communication, give employees ready access to company strategy and content, and change the way employees work.

Next Wednesday, we’ll hear from Bill Wohl, Commvault’s chief communications officer, at JiveWorld17 about how the company has transformed since it replaced its outdated intranet less than a year ago. Bill was kind enough to give us a sneak peek of his mainstage presentation, which covers how Commvault Connect, the company’s Interactive Intranet (and one of our newest Digital Transformation Award winners!), harnesses and preserves corporate memory while enabling employees to easily find content formerly buried in silos across the organization.

Jive: Which best practices surrounding Commvault’s employee engagement and communications are you most proud of?


Bill: We have fundamentally built a platform for changing the way people at Commvault work in just nine months, something we couldn’t have done without Jive. When I first joined two years ago, people were isolated in separate departments and locations, and didn’t feel connected or aligned as an organization.

Thanks to leadership buy-in and a great cross-functional team, our new collaboration hub quickly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Commvault Connect gives us a central, easy-to-use place where employees can share content, collaborate and stay informed about management’s strategy and direction. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how Jive has enriched our communications strategies and changed our business for the better.

We have fundamentally built a platform for changing the way people at Commvault work in just nine months, something we couldn’t have done without Jive.

– Bill Wohl, Chief Communications Officer, Commvault

Jive: How do workplace technology and people’s mindsets need to evolve to address employees' changing needs?


Bill: The key is to continuously evolve. This is something I have learned time and time again over my career. In fact, communications professionals can benefit from many of the lessons I learned in my years as a volunteer firefighter. Before you can put out any fire (in business or elsewhere), you have to get agreement on the approach, you have to collaborate, and you need access to the right people and equipment to do the job.

In the future of work, if companies don’t empower collaborative teams with the right tools and build alignment around their direction, their share price, growth and innovation will suffer.

Jive: What are you looking forward to next week during the JiveWorld17 conference?


Bill: Jive has made a huge difference for us since we went live, and I’m excited to learn even more ways we can leverage the platform as our business grows. As Commvault’s employees get used to the new solution, they want more and more – everything from private spaces, to more content, enhanced search, you name it. JiveWorld17 will be a great opportunity to get new ideas for how we can satisfy that insatiable appetite for collaboration!

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