Jive Customers Report Increased Job Satisfaction, Productivity and Strategic Alignment

Jive CEO Elisa Steele discussed empowering employees in her keynote at Web Summit

As Elisa talked about during her Future of Work keynote today at Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, companies that actively engage with and empower their employees see amazing results.


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Our customers have spoken!

The voice of our customers speaks volumes to how employee engagement and empowerment are positively impacting their experience in the workplace.

Jive has a strong history of keeping our ear to the ground with our customers and understanding the tangible business value we deliver to our expansive customer base. Last month, keeping with our regular update cadence, we completed an in depth study with customers using our Jive-n interactive intranet solution across a wide range of industries and deployment types.

As you know, the Jive-n interactive intranet gives you one place with everything you need to get your job done. It works wherever you do, with fantastic integrated mobile apps that keep you connected on the go. It works with your other systems and tools, too, powering seamless collaboration across your applications. And it’s incredibly quick and easy for companies of any size to set up, solving real business challenges and delivering massive value from day one.

95 Bubble Connected90 Bubble Satisfaction85 Bubble Alignment80 Bubble Support

The results truly speak for themselves!

The topics of focus in our most recent Jive-n customer study were working with others, team productivity and onboarding.

Out of the customers surveyed in the initial poll, the following experience was reported:

  • 95% feel more connected to their colleagues
  • 90% have increased job satisfaction
  • 90% get their work done faster
  • 90% have reduced onboarding time for new employees
  • 85% have increased their strategic alignment
  • 80% have reduced overall number of support tickets

28 Bubble Productivity30 Bubble Onboarding


How do these results translate into tangible results?

Diving deeper into the results, we found:

  • The average increase in productivity due to Jive-n was 28%. A project that took 7 hours to complete, can be done in ~5 hours using Jive-n.
  • Onboarding time was cut by 30%. How does that translate? Take, for example, a new salesperson. That person can drive new revenue for a company using Jive-n in roughly 2 months instead of 3. If you hire 11 more salespeople, you would have an equivalent of 13 salespeople driving new sales growth for the cost of 12.

Reducing the number of support tickets might not sound like the most exciting part of this story, unless you’re an IT professional, but a seamless and enjoyable experience at work helps drive the other results above, such as increased job satisfaction and lower employee turnover. Out of the 80% of customers who saw an overall reduction in support cases, some customers experienced as much as a 50% decrease in tickets, with an average seeing a 17% reduction.


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