Jive in 5: How Support Organizations Can Work Better Together

In the Jive Blog last October, we introduced a program called “Jive in 5,” which we’re leveraging within our internal community to increase the presence of our executive team and their engagement with employees. We’ve had great success with the initiative and our executive interview videos are enthusiastically viewed, commented on and shared.

Our latest Jive in 5 video is with Jive’s vice president of support, Kevin Williams. Kevin shares some valuable insight on how support organizations can work better together using both internal and external communities.

At Jive, it is important for us to stay connected with our customers on all of their support needs and quickly collaborate internally to implement the right solutions.

If you’re interested in learning how cross-functional, as well as internal and external collaboration, is critical to a support organization’s success, please watch the video below.

Enterprise community managers, we highly recommend implementing a similar executive interview program at your company! Stay tuned for more videos!

Video Interview with Jive's Vice President of Support, Kevin Williams

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