Jive Wins 2015 PR Daily Award and Unveils the Jive Canvas Project

At Jive, we have been thrilled about how our redefined brand has been received — whether with our employee-base, our valued customers and partners, or across the industry at large. So it gives us great pride to share that Jive has been selected as the winner of the 2015 PR Daily Award for Best Branding Campaign!


We are being honored for an exceptional approach to brand development as we leveraged our own product to bring artists together to redefine how we and the world look and think about Jive.

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Art Brings Us Together – The Jive Canvas Project

And the exciting thing about our brand identity continues to evolve. It lives and breathes as our Jivers and our community provide input and break out their own inner-artist to paint a picture of the Jive brand.

Such was the case a few months ago when we decided to take three core attributes of Jive — connect, communicate and collaborate — and do something unique and fun—and totally outside the usual day-to-day activities of a global tech company.

We celebrated them.

Last fall, across the U.S., U.K. and Israel, Jive employees took their creativity and the passion for what they do, and turned it into abstract art. Each location worked together to produce their interpretation of the Jive brand on canvas.

The thing is, we’re used to working together across continents, without borders. But the outcome of this project—seeing an actual, physical example of our collaboration? It was even cooler than we’d imagined.

How we did it
As with all good things, the Jive canvas project kicked off with a festive happy hour in each office. Jivers were then equipped with blank canvases, acrylic and tempera paint, brushes, markers and other tools aimed to release their creative mojo. Soon, people from all parts of our business—co-workers whose paths wouldn’t naturally cross—were collaborating, talking and literally getting their hands dirty.

The result of this unorthodox approach is a cohesive, authentic brand that speaks with the unified voice of employees and customers. And now, an award-winning campaign!

Congratulations team!

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