Jive’s Collaboration Hub Solves the Fragmentation Complexities of the Digital Workplace

Team Solutions From Slack, Microsoft and Facebook—Actually Increasing Organizational Silos and Exasperating Epidemic

While conversational apps like Slack can provide channels for capturing micro communications, today’s enterprises require a more holistic solution for bringing together disparate work streams and aligning organizations across departments and teamsWe see companies all around the world dealing with fragmentation and silos from geographic, cultural and generational differences, and furthermore that team solutions from Slack, Microsoft and Facebook are actually causing more disparity and exasperating an already epidemic issue. This is why Jive has always taken a hub approach to collaboration, as opposed to focusing on conversations alone.

Rather than simply enabling document sharing or chatting within teams, Jive’s collaboration hub solves the complexities of the digital workplace by connecting multiple systems and applications into one seamless environment. Jive’s Work Graph dynamically captures all of the work patterns, interactions, content, groups and expertise across an entire organization to reveal people’s collective insights, abilities and business impact through data-driven Organizational Network Analysis. This approach has unleashed valuable corporate memory for many of the world’s most successful companies—reducing cycle times for finding information and expertise. And, Jive’s enterprise-first strategy means that we’ve made no compromises when it comes to delivering a highly available, private and secure architecture for the millions of people who depend on our software.

Jive's Vice President of Product Management, Nick Hill, Explains Jive's Unique Approach to Solving Enterprise Fragmentation

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