How Jive’s PeopleGraph Helps You Find The People, Content And Documents You Need

Is your organization ready for the future of work? The workplace is evolving, and it’s becoming more complex every day. To keep up, organizations have to address these changes and help their employees adapt. Here’s how Jive’s PeopleGraph™ makes it possible for everyone on your team to find the information, documents and people they need to thrive in today’s work environment. 

The Challenges Organizations Are Facing

Before you can make effective changes in the workplace, you have to understand the challenges your employees are up against. Here are the issues that are having the greatest impact on organizations today. 

Distributed Workforce 

More work than ever is happening outside of the office. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, “between 2005 and 2015, approximately 94 percent of net new employment in the United States occurred within the alternative work arrangement.” 

This can be a positive change for organizations with the right tools and processes in place. However, when done incorrectly, working remotely can make it more difficult to get things done. 

Communication Management

The immense value placed on workplace communication is causing many companies to overcompensate with a flood of different communication tools and channels. All of these options can distract and overwhelm employees.

Content Creation Boom

The amount of content being created and consumed by companies around the world is increasing exponentially. Each time your employees share a piece of content, your organization becomes a little more complex.  

How These Issues Impact Business

Organizations can’t afford to ignore these problems. When employees can’t find the people, content, or documents they need, productivity drastically decreases. According to Interact Source, 19.8% of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively. 

All of that wasted time causes low engagement and leaves your team feeling frustrated. To make matters worse, these frustrations often lead employees to use their own communication channels to collaborate and share content. This only adds to the problem and creates more information silos. But here’s the good news — there’s a solution that addresses all of these challenges. PeopleGraph™ makes it easy for teams to find all the information they need.

What is PeopleGraph™?

Jive’s groundbreaking PeopleGraph™ technology takes knowledge sharing the next level. This solution delivers intuitive, AI-driven search and discovery that removes the need for governance and manual maintenance.

How PeopleGraph™ Can Help Your Team

This is how PeopleGraph™ empowers teams to find the people, content and documents they need fast.


Jive’s technology brings Google-like search to your organization’s information architecture. It doesn’t just help users find what they’re searching for; it understands their search intent. This makes it possible for them to discover critical information and subject matter experts they aren’t even aware of.


Using machine intelligence, PeopleGraph™ learns how your employees work. Then, it proactively connects them with the content and collaborators they need to get their work done faster.


Connect to all of the apps and platforms your employees love with Jive’s flexible integrations. You’ll stay organized when you’re working in external apps, thanks to continuous automated syncs.


Our analytics go beyond just page views. Jive gives you insight into how your employees are working and engaging – and how to improve organizational performance.

Bring Your Workforce Into The Modern World

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