JiveWorld16 in One Word: Connected

Jive took over the Aria Resort in Las Vegas on March 14-16th for JiveWorld16. The event brought together Jive customers, technology partners and employees for keynotes, specialized sessions and lots of networking.

The annual JiveWorld event focuses on effective communication and collaboration within the workplace and larger business ecosystem. This year the themes of the power of connection and virtual collaboration were highly demonstrated in the topics and conversations, but even further in how people who were unable to attend in person could still join many of the key events and sessions.

“Virtual attendees” were able to experience and absorb a lot of the same content physical attendees experienced.

Over 60 of the sessions from JiveWorld were shared on the JiveWorld16 Community. The most attended session at the conference welcomed nearly 39% of our physical attendees.

JiveWorld16 Community Sessions Screenshot

Over 60 of the sessions from JiveWorld were shared on the JiveWorld16 Community

In addition, many of the MainStage Keynotes, including CEO Elisa Steele’s presentation, were streamed live and are still available to re-watch on The JiveWorld Group in the Jive Community

As discussions on the “Future of Work” continue, it’s very clear that virtual collaboration is a useful tool for all companies. The need to be in a physical location to experience or absorb information is no longer a necessity. Access to content is becoming easier. Brian David Johnson—JiveWorld keynote speaker—put it best: “The future doesn’t just happen, it’s built everyday.”

The future doesn’t just happen, it’s built everyday.

Brian David Johnson

Our commitment to help our customers prepare for the virtual workplace is our top priority. We were happy to announce Virgin Media and OCNE as new customers at JiveWorld16. We are excited to welcome them to the Jive family and look forward to their participation in shaping the Future of Work.

The passion and realness of our customers’ stories and experiences is what truly made JiveWorld a success. One of our favorite stories was from Deirdre Walsh from Silicon Labs, who shared how Jive has been an effective tool in her professional and personal life (see video below).

We are thrilled to continue to deepen our relationships with our clients and partners. Catch up (or relive) all the JiveWorld16 content on the Jive Community.

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Deirdre Walsh from Silicon Labs Shares How Jive has Impacted Her Work and Life

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