Latest Releases of Jive-n and Jive-x Now Available: A Super-Charged Intranet & World-Class Support Center

The most innovative companies grow more digital, more mobile and more collaborative by the day – developing workplaces that better connect people, ideas and information across locations, generations and functions. Our collaboration solutions allow business to expand the possibilities of a truly connected workforce. Today, we’re building on Jive’s vast experience in rolling out communities that deliver transformative business practice with the announcement of our latest releases for Jive-x and Jive-n. For external communities, we have streamlined the user experience, from quickly finding relevant answers in the support center to a new mobile admin app that provides effective, on-the-go community moderation. And for internal communities, the Jive-n cloud release super-charges intranet capabilities with better content management, robust self-service features, and industry-leading third-party integrations.

Jive-x: Empowers companies to run world-class communities

Every day it becomes more and more apparent that the way a company handles a question or support need can make or break its reputation. We strive to alleviate the stresses of managing complex online support communities and foster customer satisfaction through highly engaged communities. The latest cloud release includes an innovative support center and a brand-new mobile app. In addition, Jive-x also offers enhanced integrations with industry-leading technology, including Zendesk’s ticket management system to automate support for unanswered customer questions.


  • Reduce costs and deflect cases by leveraging the power of the community through the support center.The new Jive-x support center streamlines the self-help experience by providing an intuitive, interface-driven process to answer questions and ultimately reduce the number of customer care cases created. New search capabilities include filtering and social relevance rankings for quicker access to pertinent information. In addition, Jive-x support centers can now be integrated with Zendesk’s ticket management system, which ensures unanswered questions are automatically escalated into tickets.
  • Empower community managers to do their best work. The all new Jive-x mobile admin app provides community managers with the ability to moderate communities without the need of being tied to their desktop – approving or denying requests as needed, resulting in faster decision times and increased customer satisfaction.

mobile moderation

Jive-n: A social intranet that empowers employees to get work done, regardless of workstyle

Modern employees demand consumer-like social intranet experiences that reflect how they prefer to work. With the latest release of our internal community solution, we are now offering functionality that improves productivity and supports a digitally flexible workforce.


  • Simplified and streamlined sharing: The new Jive-n enhancements simplify content management workflows and enable easy content migration for employees. Effortless bulk upload functionality offers an easy way to move batches of files and photos, plus with the new copy feature employees can copy documents with a click of button and clone title, body and publishing information into a new piece of content.
  • User Interaction Report.Ever wonder if departments efficiently connect for cross-functional initiatives or curious about communication across geographies? With the new, vivid user interaction report, community managers can measure collaboration across functions, hierarchies and business.


  • Employee Support Center:Jive-n now offers an intuitive self-help and peer-to-peer support center where employees can quickly access existing help content or ask questions of colleagues and support staff without having to call a help desk – saving precious time for support staff to focus on the toughest cases and high priority strategic initiatives.
  • Last, but certainly not least, best-in-class integrations with applications from Google and Microsoft strengthen Jive as the hub for all communication and collaboration needs.

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To learn more about today’s announcements, please check out our Jive-n and Jive-x press releases. Or, hop on over to our Jive Community and join the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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