Let the Sun Shine In…

One of the hottest (no pun intended) industries out there is renewable energy, and SunEdison is at the forefront of a whole new era. In order to maintain its innovative culture, the company recently implemented Jive-n to help drive strategic alignment, cultural unity and increased productivity across a 3,300-employee strong global workforce.


Jive-n powers an interactive intranet and collaboration hub that is re-inventing the ways in which SunEdison’s employees work together. With open, two-way internal communications, powerful enterprise search and useful impact metrics, the company is keeping its workforce better connected, informed and engaged, as well as more productive.

Ken Milhous, SunEdison’s director of corporate communication, said:

“SunEdison’s DNA is built on innovation, diversity and thinking outside the box about how to bring clean, affordable energy to the world. To nurture SunEdison’s thriving culture, we are working to become a more connected enterprise. Jive-n’s flexible collaboration hub will drive strategic alignment and capture untapped potential by bringing everyone across the company together in a one-stop digital workplace.”

SunEdison is a great addition to the many energy, extraction and engineering businesses – such as Cameron, Chesapeake, Jacobs Engineering Group, PinkPetro and Schneider Electric – that use Jive communities to improve innovation, productivity and safety.

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