Let’s Hear It For Pink Power!

We love hearing how our Jive-x powered communities bring people together.

It is particularly rewarding to celebrate the launch of the brand new energy industry community called Pink Petro.   This new Jive-x community debuted yesterday and is all about empowering woman in this important industry by helping them share career development advice, unite around common causes and grow the number of women working across energy.

Pink Petro

Pink Petro is the brainchild of Katie Mehnert, an 18-year veteran of the energy industry.  Katie fully understands the need for one unified community where women working in energy can come together – especially in light of the current economic landscape and the constant changes within the industry.  As Katie put it:

katie“We have created Pink Petro to elevate the much-needed voice of women in energy globally. In light of the market downturn, the time to fight for the future of our industry is now. Our for-purpose community will help women seize career opportunities and get them exactly where they should be: leading the fight to solve today’s energy challenges.”

Pink Petro has some industry heavyweights backing it up, including Shell and Halliburton, which will only help ignite this community even further.  As Fred Wipple, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Shell noted:

“Pink Petro will be a valuable resource for women looking to succeed in the challenging and shellrewarding jobs in the energy industry, and it fits well with our social media outreach. We’re excited about what Pink Petro means to the women of energy – those who work for Shell, those who will join our company in the future, and for the women entrepreneurs who own and operate businesses that supply goods and services in our industry.”

To hear more about Pink Petro’s story, check out the recent LinkedIn blog post from @Elisa Steele (The Power of Pink) and the official press release: New Social Collaboration Channel Aims To Advance Women In The Energy Industry (NASDAQ:JIVE).

Pink Petro is one of several energy, extraction and engineering-related organizations that have launched Jive-based communities to drive innovation, productivity, career development and safety. Organizations like Schneider Electric, BG Group, Cameron and SunEdison are using Jive solutions to help employees, customers and partners better connect, communicate and collaborate.

Here’s to another amazing community launch, and to amplifying the voice of women across every industry!

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