Jive in 5: How Marketing Organizations Can Work Better Together

On the Jive Blog last October, we introduced a program called “Jive in 5,” which we’re leveraging at Jive within our internal community, Brewspace, to increase the presence of our executive team, their engagement with employees and overall corporate alignment. This program has been a great platform for featuring the executives, allowing employees to dive deeper into their thought-processes and enhance connections—ultimately giving employees the opportunity to relate with them on a more personal level.

It is important to keep information available and easily searchable in order to make decisions quickly and intelligently

Jive CMO, David Puglia, featured in latest Jive in 5 episode

Our latest Jive in 5 video features Jive’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Puglia. David shares how our marketing organization uses Jive for everything — from operations and campaign management to content creation, sharing and collaboration with Jive’s Interactive Intranet, as well as for customer and partner engagement using Jive’s Customer Engagement communities.

Jive is corporate memory. It’s a place where we collaborate—we create information, documents, conversations—it’s all captured...and it remains there as corporate memory to be searched and found.

Jive's Chief Marketing Officer, David Puglia

At Jive, it is important for us to keep information available and easily searchable so that we can make decisions quickly and intelligently. Jive is the communication and collaboration platform for modern, mobile businesses.

If you’re interested in learning how cross-functional, as well as internal and external collaboration, is critical to a marketing organization’s success, please watch the video below.

As the enterprise community manager for Jive, I highly recommend implementing a similar executive interview program at your company! Stay tuned for more videos and posts in our Jive in 5 series.

Jive in 5 is a great opportunity for employees to learn more about executives, including what they do in their free time; David shares that he enjoys astrophotography

Jive in 5 Interview with Jive's Chief Marketing Officer, David Puglia

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